Navy NAVSEA Scheduled Contract Vehicle
Navy NAVSEA Scheduled Contract for Technology, Financial, and Programmatic Support Services Naval Contract #N00178-07-D-5110
Geographical Zones Awarded 3 & 4
Naval Surface Warfare Center Seaport e17320
Dahlgren Road Dahlgren, VA 22448-5100

Navel NAVSEA Scheduled  e Portal Contract Vehicl
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Navy NAVSEA Contract No# N00178-07-D-5110
Integrated Systems Technology & Telecommunications (IST2), Inc. was award Navy NAVSEA Contract on June 23, 2007. Since being awarded the participation of contract IST2 and its teaming partners has performed the following task:
→ Task orders received under this contract in previous fiscal quarters. [ Number of Task] [ 0 ] 4-02-2009
→ Technical Instructions issued against any task orders. [Number of Task] [ 0 ] 4-02-2009
→ The Prime Vendor is IST2-Integrated Systems Technology and Telecommunications Inc.
→ The Subcontractor Vendors are Global Technologies Solutions Inc.
→ References of IST2 and Global Technologies Solutions Inc.
→ IST2 Point of Contacts on Customer Satisfaction of Services provided will be VP Quality Control Vernon Thompson: or 866-330-4782
→ Global Technology Solutions, LLC Point of Contacts on Customer Satisfaction of Services is Retired Colonel Clarence Culbert Jr. or 505-688-7025

Navy NAVSEA Contract

  Quality Superior Technology Support

  Support Where the War Fighter is Given The Highest of Priorities

  Quality Superior Technology Support

Disclaimer: IST2 does not engage in any kind of contracting activities that presents high risk to our employees management, our customer, and our firm.

A) IST2 Quality Control Program Description (pdf)
B) IST2 Governance Program (pdf)

IST2-Integrated Systems Technology & Telecommunications Inc.
P.O.Box24408 Columbia, South Carolina 29224-4408 Email:

SBA Certifications
Small Disadvantaged Woman Owned Firm
GSA Contract #GS-35F0302U-Mobile Wireless Solutions

IST2-Integrated Systems Technology & Telecommunications Inc. is South Carolina’s first minority black aerospace, systems integration and telecommunications technology group. Founded in 1981, IST2 have some 80 years of technical experience in providing industry and government with first class professional services and products. IST2 began serving as a Navy contractor for the Navy SPAWAR Center Charleston when it was the Naval Systems & Technology Center on Marriott Drive in North Charleston as an 8(a) firm in 1987. IST2 has provided support services for the Department of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Military Health Systems (MHS) TRICARE (Charleston Naval Hospital Clinics). Over the years IST2 has provided similar services and product to other state, local governments and national corporate 500 firms. IST2 is a certified Minority business by the South Carolina Governor Office of Minority Business Development, the South Carolina Department of Transportation, MARTA of Atlanta, and the City of Atlanta.

→ Telecommunications and Computer Facilities Management and Technology Support
→ Network Administration Support Services
→ Systems Network Wired-Wireless Fixed and Mobile IP enterprise integration
→ Technology Hardware Logistics and Warehousing IT Support Services
→ Technology Staffing & Augmentation Services
→ Technology Training

Advance Systems Integration & Technology
A.) Network Analysis –Project Management
B.) Systems Integration and Technology
C.) Networkand Wireless Operation Ctr. Design Implementation and Installation
D.) Automation Data Security and Surveillance Systems Technology

Advance Automated Systems
A.) Imaging and Documentation Services
B.) Wireless Technology Applications, Design, and Installation Services

Technical Support Services
A.) Network Consulting -Client Server
B.) Configuration and Design
C.) Network Cable Infrastructure Design Installation –Testing -Support
D.) Wide Area (Wired & Wireless) Network Services
E.) Customized Maintenance and Support
F.) Help Desk Services Support and Design
G.) Technology Planning

Remote Technical Support Services
A.) Workstation Hardware System Support
B.) Application Support
C) Hardware, End -User Operating System and Application Support
D) Novell Netware 3.12 through 5.0 Network Support
E) Novell Unixware Network Support
F) Linux Network Server Installation

All of the platforms:above services can be covered under the following
A.) Windows 2000, Window Server Enterprise 2003-2007
B.) Enterprise Network Support
C.) Notes-Outlook & Microsoft Exchange, Installations
D.) Linux

President and Director of Technology Sales; Johnny C. Mason, Resume/Biography

Background Summary
→ 28 years of Technology Base Business Development for the Education, Government and the Private Sector.
→ 9 years as a Technical systems Field Technician Services for IBM
→ 15 years as a Certified Channel Partner & CCNA Specialist with Cisco Networks
→ 10 years as a Certified Channel Partner & Technician with Nortel Networks and Government Solutions.
→ Honored as the Midland Minority Supplier Businessman of the yearin 1985
→ Honored as the South Carolina Small Minority SDB Business of the year 1993
→ Honored as the Businessman of the Year 1999 by Richland County School District One

Experience Synopsis:
Twenty-Nine years of professional experience and seven years of project experience. Twenty One years of experience in systems integration, technolgy (systems, mechanical, electronic and aerospace) Electronic manufacturing, and corporate management. In 1979, founder of South Carolina's first black-owned and operated computer and aerospace company (IMSI\Palmetto Computer Company).Responsible for the growth of IMSI from a one-man systems consultant operation with annual revenue of $15,000 in 1981 to a 26 professional IT operation with revenues of 1.5 million in 1994. In 1995 developed IST2-Integrated Systems Technology & Telecommunications Inc.with growth in the Communications industry. Positioned IST2 is an certified reseller and technology group for Times Warner Telecom Communications, Enterprise Networks, Cisco Networks Reseller, CorningOptical Network Partner, Marconi Broadband Communications Business Partner for Infrastructure and OSP Operations support. Developed capabilities in systems integration and the communications industry for current and emerging technologies.

Experience Background:
1996 –2009 IST2-Integrated Systems Technology & Telecommunications Inc.
→ President/CEO and Director of Technology Sales and Operations
→ Provide all corporate directors, marketing and technology sales
1981 -1996 IMSI President/CEO of Technology/Sales/Operations
→ Provide Technology and Sales Operation for IST2
→ Provide all corporate direction, marketing and technology targets

E-mail (Direct):
PMB 149, 1512 Deborah Rd, Rio Rancho, NM 87124
505-407-4459 (Office) / 505-688-7025 (Mobile)

GTS, LLC provides services addressing Information Technology andtelecommunications equipment installation, maintenance and infrastructure needs. GTS services include configuration management, enterprise architecture, technology staffing services, program/project management, information operations, information assurance (computer security), independent verification and validation (IV&V), internet service provider, network operations, and strategic planning. Our targeted clients are corporate, government, major industry and Fortune 1000 companies as well as other business sectors. GTS services are cost-effective at the planning stages of any new build out and throughout the life-cycle of a program or project. Retrofitting an existing network for optimized efficiencies is one of our strengths. These benefits include publicsafety and reduced financial losses caused by anomalies of an ineffective system as well as compatibility with legacy systems to maintain data integrity/capital investment. Bottomline: GTS focuses on effectiveness and efficiencies on tasks when dealing with clients.

Global Technology Solutions, LLC Full Service Technology Solutions for Today and Tomorrow
→ Program/Project Management*
→ Configuration Management*
→ Information Assurance (Computer Security)*
→ Internet Security*→ Internet Service Provider*
→ Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)*
→ Strategic Planning & Management*
→ Information Operations*
→ Enterprise Architecture*
→ Network Management*
→ Technology Staffing Services*
→ Customer Presentations
→ Project Technology
→ Network Design
→ Telecommunications Infrastructure
→ Site Survey→ Site Preparations
→ Systems Integration
→ Customer Service
→ Furnish and Install / EF&I
* Strongest Areas of Expertise.

Company Information
Global Technology Solutions, LLC is a locally operated business in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and pending SBA 8(a) firm. We are also a subcontractor on the General Service’s Administration Government Wide Acquisition (GSA GWAC) contractvehicle. We look forward to providing added value to Fortune 1000 companies,government organizations, technology start-up firms, and the local community with mentoring and jobs creation opportunities.

→ Clarence Culbert, Jr. Colonel, U.S. Army Retired 2005, Air Defense (Army’s Acquisition Corps)
→ Mr. Culbertfounded Global Technology Solutions, LLC in 2006. He served over twenty-eight years of military service and worked in the corporate sector with these firms: Symbiont, Inc., F.C. Business Systems, Lockheed Martin, and Intel Corporation. His areas of operational specialty include knowledge management, information assurance, information operations, program/project management, policy and governance, quality assurance, human resource staffing, and strategic planning. His most recent assignment was with the Office of the Chief, United States Army Reserve at the Pentagon where he served as the Director of Information Operations. He also served on a special task force for the Vice-Chief, Army and the G3, Army Operations, as the Team Lead for Mobilization/Demobilization. His key accomplishments are as follows:
→ Architect of the Army’s Force Generation Model.
→ Analyzed, developed and directed strategic issues that incurred cost savings in the millions of dollars and standardized business processes for defense transformation initiatives. Coordinated with customers to derive ‘hot’ strategic issues.
→ Directed all facets of policy and governance development and implementation
→ Advisor to senior management on policy and strategy, transformation, knowledge management and homeland security initiatives and issues.
→ Supported Army business transformation initiatives involving a $5.6 billion IT budget
→ Chief architect to plan and merge the Army Reserve Chief Information Office (CIO) into the Army’s G-6 organizational structure in record time (4.5 months.). The final finale for this event was a media blitz and agreement signing for the two leaders, Chief, Army Reserve and the Army’s CIO.
→ Managed the implementation of smart card technology (i.e. CommonAccess Card, Public Key Infrastructure Certificates) worldwide
→ Successfully completed the first information technology war for the 21st century (Y2K Initiative). Selected and staffed my entire Y2K organization with competent personnel.
→ Managed 12 senior technicians at Fab11 via a high volume call center at Intel’s largest microprocessor plant in the world (Intel Corp.)
→ Developed and managed the implementation strategy to field the Defense Messaging System (DMS) to 57 General Officer Commands and selected sites nationally and world-wide
→ Performed analysis of software/hardware requirements
→ Successfully accomplished the first Army Global Command and Control System (AGCCS) software product delivery to Europe on time and under budget
→ Wrote technical strategy on software reuse technology for $100 million DISA/CIM SETA contract proposal
→ Developed, managed, and executed plans for relocation and collocation of two automation data processing operation centers under a new $5 million dollar integrated Secure Compartment Information Facility
→ Wrote test plans, coordinated contractor field support, ensured computer resources and analytical software met data collection and evaluation requirements for an $11million dollar simulation facility test. Provided technical support for a $1.75 million Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) contract (IV&V Contractor: Syscon).

Quality Control and Assurance Programs

If you would like to review description of IST2's Quality Control and Assurance Program, please click the following link:
Quality Control and Assurance Program

Any Questions concerning our Quality Assurance Program should bereturned to: or by e-fax to 1-877-699-1948
Mail Address: P.O. Box 24408, Columbia SC 29224-4408
Disclaimer: IST2 is not responsible for any customer data provided to them under contract or installation basis. IST2 does not engage in any kind of contracting activities that presents high risk to our employees management, our customer, and our firm.